virtual image

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vir·tu·al im·age

an erect image formed by projection of divergent rays from an optical system.
Synonym(s): direct image


(im'ij) [Fr. image fr. L. imago, copy, likeness]
1. A mental picture representing a real object.
2. A more or less accurate likeness of a thing or person.
3. A picture of an object as produced by a lens or mirror.
4. In radiology, a representation of structures within the body as a result of examination by various physical phenomena (e.g., x-rays, gamma rays, sound, or radio).

body image

1. The subjective image or picture people have of their physical appearance based on their own observations and the reaction of others.
2. The conscious and unconscious perception of one's body at any particular time.

direct image

An image produced from radiation without secondary image receptors. Synonym: virtual image

double image

A perceived image that occurs in strabismus when the visual axes of the eyes are not directed toward the same object. Synonym: false image
See: diplopia

false image

Double image.

inverted image

An image that is turned upside down.

latent image

1. An unprocessed image physically present within an image receptor but not yet visible.
2. In radiology, the image within the emulsion of an exposed radiograph that is invisible because it has not been developed.

mirror image

An image of an object in which right and left are reversed. The term is also used to indicate the similarity of chemical substances or persons with quite similar personalities and looks (e.g., identical twins).

Purkinje-Sanson images

See: Purkinje, Johannes E. von

radiographic image


real image

The image formed by convergence of rays of light from an object.

virtual image

Direct image.
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This was much too long for Ferguson to consider using these equations in his virtual image projector.
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