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virologic, virological


, virological (vī″rŏ-loj′ik) (vī″rŏ-loj′i-kăl)
Pert. to virology.
virologically (vī″rŏ-loj′i-k(ă-)lē)


pertaining to viruses.
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In children with virological failure, associated drug resistance mutations may occur in up to 90% of cases.
The criteria for data collection included: (1) HepB surface antigen persisted for at least 6 months before the initial of treatment; (2) treatment naive (no previous NAs or interferon), initially treated with ETV monotherapy; (3) virological response (VR) was defined as serum HBV DNA levels <20 IU/ml during the on-treatment follow-up period; (4) the ETV treatment was lasted for at least 12 months; (5) patients were regularly followed up at 3, 6, and 12 months after ETV treatment.
6,14) This underscores the importance of virological monitoring in the clinical treatment routine.
Key Words: Hepatitis C, Obesity, Body mass index, Rapid virological response
Non detection of virus at 6 months after stopping the therapy is labeled as sustained virological response (SVR), which is an important clinical end point in the treatment of chronic HCV.
Previous studies have found that only a minority of second-line patients with virological failure in the Khayelitsha programme had major protease inhibitor (PI) mutations necessitating third-line ART.
Virological outcomes vary enormously among people taking antiretroviral therapy in different resource-limited settings, according to research published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.
The Indian Virological Society conferred Dr Mahendra Pal Yadav with 'Excellence in Virology Award' for his landmark contributions to the domain of Veterinary Virology.
The effect of antivirals was more pronounced in patients with a virological response (RR 0.