viral pericarditis

vi·ral per·i·car·di·tis

pericarditis due to a viral infection.
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Acute idiopathic or viral pericarditis has a good prognosis with a low complication rate.
The exact incidence of viral pericarditis is not known in pediatric population.
Asymptomatic hypothyroidism with concomitant viral pericarditis presenting as acute cardiac tamponade.
Hypothyroidism presenting as acute cardiac tamponade with viral pericarditis.
She received non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID)for 2 months under the impression of acute viral pericarditis.
His medical history was unremarkable other than a documented episode of viral pericarditis 4 years prior that resolved with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
2,5) Although the cause of pericardial disease is often undetermined, it is important to remember that an asymptomatic or forgotten episode of viral pericarditis could have been the inciting event.
The best treatment is to not ever give steroids in the first place for your typical viral pericarditis," said Dr.