viral neutralization

vi·ral neu·tral·i·za·tion

the elimination of viral infectivity as with specific antibodies.
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Rey, "Structural basis of HCV neutralization by human monoclonal antibodies resistant to viral neutralization escape," PLOS Pathogens, vol.
This last mechanism increases the efficiency of infection and prevents viral neutralization by antibodies or complement and should be therefore considered as an important target to virucides.
The negative results in the viral neutralization tests are not unexpected because this assay detects only antibodies that interfere with the specific entry mechanism of SARS-CoV, and putative group 4 CoVs from African bats may not use it.
In preparation for an IND filing, Epicyte, in partnership with Dow, has begun the production of its lead compound HX8, a monoclonal antibody capable of complete viral neutralization of herpes simplex virus in preclinical models, and R-19, a treatment for respiratory syncytial virus.
Many possible reasons exist for these complexities, including the artificiality of existing dengue viral neutralization tests or differences in ability of antibodies to neutralize different dengue strains of the same genotype.
His research interests include viral pseudotypes, viral neutralization studies, and vaccines.
However, viral neutralization tests against standard antisera were negative.