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Vernon Philander has been admitted to hospital and is being treated for a probable viral infection.
A large percentage of patients with KD have a concurrent or recent history of respiratory viral infections and [this study] suggests that clinicians should not dismiss the diagnosis of KD based on the presence of respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms or solely on the results of a positive respiratory viral PCR test," the researchers wrote.
We showed that EPs 7630 had significant improving effects on upper respiratory tract viral infections.
A host-based RT-PCR gene expression signature to identify acute respiratory viral infection [abstract].
We are delighted to add this new patent to our expanding intellectual property portfolio of microRNAs in viral infection.
These findings demonstrate that short-term treatment with the pelargonium extract EPs[R]7630 markedly improved symptoms of upper respiratory tract viral infection and significantly reduced the incidence of asthma attack frequency in susceptible children.
New DNA viruses identified in patients with acute viral infection syndrome.
I'm not sure of the exact cause but it's some sort of viral infection,' said Dr Davidson.
Given the nature of HIV--its high mutation rate, its tendency to preferentially infect HIV-specific CD4 T cells, and its ability to persist in memory cells--it seems unlikely that antiretrovirals alone will ever be sufficient to provide effective long-term control of this viral infection.
We might expect that in addition to using genetic engineering and vaccines to prevent viral infections, otologists might eventually be able to treat and eliminate the offending viruses to prevent hearing los s or restore hearing.
Commonly proposed theories of etiology include a persistent viral infection, primary muscle disorder, chronic immune dysfunction, neuroendocrine disorder, primary sleep disorder, and neuropsychiatric disorders (Farrar et al.