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pertaining to or caused by a virus.
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Of, pertaining to, or caused by a virus.
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1. Of, relating to, or caused by a virus.
2. Of or relating to the rapid propagation of information, ideas, or trends by means of social networks rather than conventional mass media: viral marketing.

vi′ral·ly adv.
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Of, pertaining to, or caused by a virus.
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Inflammation of the liver, due usually to viral infection but sometimes to toxic agents.
[hepat- + -itis]

hep·a·ti·tis, vi·ral, non-A, non-B

(NANB) (hepă-tītis, vīrăl)
Disease due to viral agents other than hepatitis viruses A or B.
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Q. What are the causes of viral blisters on the skin? For a few months now I've been having these hard viral blisters on my fingers. The only way to get rid of them is with freezed carbon. It does go away with that treatment- after a few weeks but then a new one appears. How can I prevent it from "attacking" again??

A. These viral blisters you are describing are caused by HPV (papilloma virus), and are very hard to get rid of without treatment with freezed carbon. Many of us have the virus but not everyone gets the actual infection. There is not a proved way of preventing from it to happen again after treatment, unfortunately..

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The UK's Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer confirmed a new case of Equine Viral Arteritis in a non-thoroughbred stallion on a premises in Shropshire on 31 July 2019.
Luck also played its part in Overbrook's rapid ascent when Young was forced to withdraw Storm Cat from the 1984 Keeneland July sale after he tested positive for equine viral arteritis. Sent to Jonathan Sheppard, the son of Storm Bird went on to win the Grade 1 Young America Stakes as a two-year-old before falling short by a nose to Tasso in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile.
Dylan Thomas arrived from Japan, where the authorities had barred him from contesting the Japan Cup because they were not satisfied with the results of a routine test for equine viral arteritis, early yesterday morning after his release from the Shiroi quarantine station where he had spent the past week.
The Ballydoyle four-year-old has been barred from running by authorities in the Far East after a test for equine viral arteritis (EVA) returned a nonnegative outcome.
The Cartier Horse of the Year, who was due to make his final racecourse appearance in Tokyo, was ruled a non-runner from Japan's biggest international horserace because officials were not satisfied with the results of a routine test for equine viral arteritis (EVA).
Madeleine Campbell, chairwoman of the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) AI Committee, presented a paper on the devastating consequences of a potential outbreak of Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA).
She said: ``Diagnoses of single cases of equine viral arteritis (EVA) and contagious equine metritis (CEM), in England in December and March, were a timely reminder of the need to avoid venereal disease in the breeding season.
THE Thoroughbred Breeders' Association moved to curb any fear of a potential Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) outbreak last night, following a confirmed case of the disease in quarantine at the National Stud, writes Bessie Gregory.
MARES coming from Ireland to be bred to stallions in the Newmarket area have been made subject to the same requirements regarding Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) as mares travelling from continental
Speakers include Ann Cullinane, MRCVS, of the Irish Equine Centre, on the topic of equine viral arteritis; and Marcus Swail, MRCVS, on foaling difficulties.
The warnings come as the Levy Board releases its new codes of practice for the prevention and control of three communicative diseases affecting breeding animals - contagious equine metritis (CEM), equine viral arteritis (EVA) and EHV (equine herpes virus).