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The presence of viral particles in the circulation.
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presence of virus particles in the bloodstream.
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The presence of a virus in the bloodstream.
Synonym(s): viraemia.
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It's viraemia has been identified in blood donors from a number of states as reported by Chuang et al.,16 the first evidence of transfusion transmitted dengue case from Hong Kong, Tambya et al.,17 outlined another case of asymptomatic blood donor from Singapore who developed fever soon after donation and screened positive for dengue virus-2, Stramer et al.,20 delineated a positive blood donor case for dengue virus-2 during 2007 outbreak in Puerto Rico, Karim et al.,21 reported another instance of infected donor who transmitted dengue in two recipients in Karachi, Pakistan, emphasizing the prospective risk of transfusion transmitted dengue.
Pathogenesis of canine paroviral enteritis : the importance of viraemia. Vet Pathol 22: 60-71.
Underlining how HIV co-infection impacts HBV in an individual, Dr Guha said to Citizen News Service (CNS) that HIV co-infection increases the risk of developing chronic HBV infection and greater levels of HBV viraemia. HIV co-infection also accelerates fibrosis, progression to cirrhosis and other serious complications.
The risk of HIV transmission is considerably lower in HIV-infected persons on antiretroviral therapy (ART) with completely suppressed viraemia and long-term undetectable viral load (27).
Conclusion: Depression is frequently associated with antiviral therapy of HCV RNA viraemia with interferon and SSRIs have proved an effective and safe remedy in these patients.
Experimental viraemia and transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus by mosquitoes in ardeid birds.
This occurs via the skin aided by tick saliva when a susceptible tick feeds close to an infected tick on a host that is not displaying high levels of viraemia in the blood [12].
After HSCT, subjects who developed ADV viraemia but subsequently cleared the infection have detectable humoral immune responses after a period of several weeks to months after viral clearance, with titres of serotype-specific Nabs increasing by 8-16-fold.
Detection of JCV DNA in blood is not of diagnostic significance as viraemia may be present in the absence of PML, and a percentage of PML patients are not viraemic [148].
Impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy on cytomegalovirus viraemia in the absence of specific anti-cytomegalovirus therapy.