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On a tip-off, the police conducted search operation in Saddar Wah area and arrested Welcome Motors owner Najam-ul-Hasan for violating Security Ordinance.
The presence of R-parity violating couplings has rich phenomenological implications.
Both men were arrested and charged with violating the state's sodomy law, which did not apply exclusively to same-sex sodomy.
Delker, the head of LAUSD's facilities, denied the district is violating the labor contract.
52, practitioners can also be censured, suspended or disbarred for (1) willfully violating any Circular 230 regulation or (2) recklessly or through gross incompetence violating Section 10.
In addition to violating the Commerce Clause principles articulated by the Court in Helson more than half a century ago, the West Virginia tax also violates the Commerce Clause test articulated in Complete Auto Transit, Inc.
In order to be found guilty of violating the FCPA, a regulated company, including its directors, officers, employees or agents, must have used U.
Department of Housing and Urban Development - the federal agency charged with investigating discrimination in housing - has accused the five residents of violating housing discrimination laws.
The Bureau of Industry and Security cited a software company in May 2006 for allegedly violating export encryption rules and fined the company $165,000.
Rawalpindi -- At least 15 suspected persons have been apprehended for violating the Security Ordinance within the Saddar Baironi, Naseeerabad, Rawat, Cannt and Airport police jurisdictions.
It is proposed within the framework of Ramsey's method to register two-dimensional spectra, depending on the neutron phase and neutron energy, for measuring parity (P) and time (T) violating amplitudes of the interaction of polarized neutrons with polarized [.