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Relating to, containing, or of the nature of wine.
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The addition of water other than that originally present prior to processing will render standard wine "other than standard." Use shall not alter vinous character.
With the acquisition of Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar in December 2014 and the addition of the IWC editorial team, Vinous expanded coverage to all major wine regions.
A former wine critic clearly enamored of his subject, he doesn't shy away from the most incidental mention of anything vinous in the letters and conversation not just of Jefferson but of anyone with whom he had the most minimal contact.
DESSERT wines often get overlooked which is a shame, because the pudding course of any meal has as much right to a vinous accompaniment as any other.
It has been used for noninvasive prenatal diagnoses, such as fetal rhesus status and sex determination (4, 5), but whether cell-free fetal DNA originates from vinous tissue or fetal cells circulating in maternal blood has not been determined.
Author of Napa Wine (1994), A Companion to California Wine (1998), and other tomes, Sullivan has hit another vinous home run here.
Direct action - Action for damages seeking compensation for the damage allegedly suffered by the applicant as a result of the Commission's refusal to authorise the destruction of a quantity of residual alcohol allocated to the applicant as part of the Special Procedure No 8/90 concerning sale of vinous alcohol for use as motor fuel within the Community, deriving from the distillation referred to in Articles 33, 35 and 39 of Regulation (EEC) No 822/89 and held by the intervention agencies.
They are the target of the world's vinous spotlight, so why chat about the less-than-lucky Sonomans, often viewed as a snot-nosed cousin who's really not related to moi.
to sell, furnish, or give any spirituous, malt, brewed, fermented or vinous liquor to any minor, to any intoxicated person, nor to any person in the habit of getting intoxicated, nor to any Indian, nor any person of Indian descent, nor to any person when forbidden in writing to do so by the husband, wife, parent, child, guardian, or employer of such person, or by the supervisor of the township, mayor, or director of the poor, or the superintendent of the poor of the country where such person shall reside or temporarily remain."
Types of professional active in BMAR include: licensed real estate brokers, salespersons, managing agents, property owners, attorneys, appraisers, banks, leading institutions, title companies, building service companies, contractors and vinous other companies involved in the real estate industry throughout the Greater New York area.
She lets her tasselled silken cloak slip down, and only her purple ring still glows, her vinous, her amethystine ring.
Jack Betts and June Prud' homme as the parents of these woefully unprodigal children became just a little more awful from scene to scene, progressing from tolerable old fogeys to full monster status by the final curtain, when Ron Orbach (who should be awarded a special Obie for Best Performance as a Drunk) launches some vinous verities at them.