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(ving'kyū-lin), [MIM*193065]
A protein associated with actin microfilaments; found in intercalated discs of cardiac muscle and focal adhesion plaques; may have a role in how a tumor virus causes pleiotropic effects of transformation.
[L. vinculum, bond, fr. vincio, to bind + -in]
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Adamson, "Vinculin knockout results in heart and brain defects during embryonic development," Development, vol.
This leads to the initiation of "outside-in" signaling events, which requires the recruitment of linker proteins (paxillin, talin, and vinculin) by integrins for actin involvement.
With CBZ, several proteins that are strongly involved in membrane remodeling were differentially expressed, such as alpha2-macroglobulin junction (A2MG), vinculin, cofilin-1, and tubulin beta-4B.
Autoimmunity links vinculin to the pathophysiology of functional bowel changes following Campylobacter jejuni infection in a rat model.
Consistent with cellular morphological changes, dramatic actin reorganization and redistribution of the focal adhesion protein vinculin were observed (Figure 3(b)).
The attachment of actin microfilaments to the cytoplasmic membrane in cultured human RPE cells is facilitated due to the synthesis of vinculin, which contributes to the binding of cell surface integrin receptors to ECM adhesion molecules [67].
Researchers conclusively identified a test for antibodies that form against a particular protein, vinculin, found in the guts of patients, many of whom suffered acute gastroenteritis at some point.
Thus, ALK fusions with nucleophosmin (nucleolar phosphoprotein B23, numatrin) (NPM1) have been detected in anaplastic large cell lymphomas, fusion with vinculin (VCL) in renal medullary cancer, and fusion with tropomyosin 3 (TPM3) or tropomyosin 4 (TPM4) in inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors (53).
(11) Disruption of epithelial motility complexes like vinculin and actin filaments is the main cause of this delayed healing process.
Particularly, in normal adolescent testis in Sertoli and Leydig cells vinculin is expressed at the cell-cell and cell-ECM adherence junctions, while talin is present only at the cell-ECM adherence junctions level.
Mechanical remodeling of granulation tissue as well as transmission of tension to tumor cells with a mechanism involving a-smooth muscle actin containing stress fiber isometric contraction that is mediated through Rho/ Rho- kinase; this force is then transmitted by vinculin and tensin containing focal adhesions which connect myofibroblasts to the extracellular matrix and eventually to other cells.