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 [vil´i] (L.)
plural of villus.
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Plural of villus.
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Plural of villus.
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Plural of villus A small vascular protrusion, especially from the free surface of a membrane
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Plural of villus.
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(vil'us) plural.villi [L., tuft of hair]
A small fold or projection of some mucous membranes.

arachnoid villus.

Arachnoid granulation.

chorionic villus.

One of the tiny vascular projections of the chorionic surface that become vascular and help to form the placenta.
See: embryo for illus.; chorion
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intestinal villus.

One of the multiple, minute projections of the intestinal mucosa into the lumen of the small intestine. These projections increase the surface area for absorption of water and nutrients; each contains a capillary network and a lacteal.
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synovial villus.

One of the thin projections of the synovial membrane into the joint cavity.
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Small finger-like processes on a surface, as in the small intestine, the PLACENTA, the tongue and the CHOROID PLEXUSES of the brain.
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Tiny, finger-like projections that enable the small intestine to absorb nutrients from food.
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Moreover, the fibrinoid necrosis of placental villi is a highly characteristic lesion.
Fibrotic, avascular villi similar to those seen in CMV infection are also a hallmark of fetal thrombotic vasculopathy.
In other words, despite continuing claims or beliefs into that possibility, villi are never individually reduced to nothing.
Underneath the villi is a layer of collagen and then a muscular
At 16 - 18 weeks, there was an increase in the number of villi and intestinal glands.
In duodenum, iron deposits were observed in the lumen, epithelium and also at villi tops.
In addition to convoluted outlines of chorionic villi, villous trophoblastic pseudoinclusions, and clusters of villous cytotrophoblasts, the previously unreported focal pseudovillous papilliform trophoblastic proliferation of the undersurface of the chorionic plate and clustering of perpendicularly oriented sclerotic chorionic villi in the chorion laeve were observed in this double trisomy case.
When the researchers added Wnt to Petri dishes housing aged stem cells, those stem cells began growing crypts and villi in patterns resembling their younger counterparts.
Villi, epithelium, and glands: Villi develop at the duodenum at first as a result of the proliferation of mesenchymal tissue beneath the epithelium (9).