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An attentiveness, alertness, or watchfulness for whatever may occur.
[L. vigilantia, wakefulness]
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Neurology The conscious and semiconscious focusing and sustained attention to subtle sensory signals within a determined modality–eg, auditory or visual, coupled to filtering out of distracting internal and external stimuli; PET studies of humans localize the 'attention center' to the prefrontal and superior parietal cortex primarily in the right hemisphere, regardless of the modality or laterality of the stimulus
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(vĭj′ĭ-lăns) [L. vigilantia, wastefulness]
The condition of being attentive, alert, and watchful.
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Patient discussion about vigilance

Q. Can I get a headache from watching too much T.V? I've been having headaches after watching more than an hour and a half T.V straight. It also happens If I use the computer the same way.

A. Could be god's way of telling you that you should go out more, play basketball instead of watching basketball. But it's probably short eye sight problem. But it'll do you good going out side instead of playing in your computer!

Q. If diabetes has to do with sugar in the blood why does diabetic patients have to watch their salt consumption?

A. very good question :) and a good answer too:)
if you have Diabetes type 2 that means you have a risk factor for heart attacks. it also means you probably have high blood pressure, so it's in your best interest to watch your sult consumption even more then others.

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"We urge you to be highly vigilant and always check the source before clicking on any links or attachments in e-mails.
Winners were: Outstanding Customer Service Award - Grange Quarry; Outstanding Business with Over 25 Employees - Croma Vigilant; Outstanding Business with Under 25 Employees - Thomsons Foodservice; Most Promising New Business - Concrete Wall Products; Outstanding Social Enterprise - Stewartry Care; Family Business Award - Brown Brothers; Rural Business Award - Cocoa Bean Company; Champion Business or Organisation in Developing the Young Workforce - Jas P Wilson; Individual Champion in Developing the Young Workforce - Robert Beattie, Brown Brothers; Business Person of the Year - Paul Williamson, Croma Vigilant; Young Business Person of the Year - Callum Winspear, United Bricks.
On Tuesday, the Justice secretary said that there is no need to investigate DOJ's contracts with Vigilant without a challenge to its validity.
The provincial governments and other stakeholders may remain vigilant to avoid any supply shortage.
National Price Monitoring Committee met here with Finance Secretary in the asked the Competition Commission of Pakistan to remain vigilant that no cartelization takes place.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore has asked commercial banks in the nation to be vigilant against cyber threats.
According to the General Services Administration website, ICE has awarded a contract "to obtain query based access to a commercially available License Plate Reader (LPR) database." While the recipient of the contract is not identified on the website, the story published by The Verge indicates that Vigilant Solutions will be providing the license plate readers to ICE.
DOG owners are being warned to stay vigilant after fears family pet dogs are being poisoned in parks.
FARMERS are being urged to be vigilant for signs of bluetongue following the identification of the virus in imported cattle in Scotland and England.
The Ministry of Defence said yesterday the crew members from nuclear sub HMS Vigilant, based at Faslane on the Clyde, had tested positive for the Class A drug.
The Ministry of Defence is investigating claims of an "inappropriate relationship" with a female junior officer on HMS Vigilant, one of the Royal Navy Vanguard submarines.
PARENTS have been warned to be vigilant after reports of a man hanging around a children's park.