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A state of wakefulness or sleeplessness.
[L. vigilia, wakefulness, alertness, fr. vigeo, to be active, to rouse]
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(vij'il) [L., awake]
Insomnia, wakefulness.

coma vigil

A delirious, drowsy state in which the patient is partially conscious and occasionally responsive to stimuli.
See: vigilambulism
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I first fired the Vigil CCO from the bench over a sandbag rest with seven .45 ACP factory loads with bullet weights ranging from 185 through 200 to 230 grains and in style from SWC through FMJ to JHP to gather velocity data.
Norhayati Mohd Ariffin, wife of Amri Che Mat, at a vigil at Dataran Merdeka June 24, 2018.
The vigil comes amid fresh tributes to a man one friend claims was the "epitome of everything good in the world".
Led by Yassar's dad Mohammed, the vigil will be held at Ainley Top tonight at 6.30pm.
In an advisory sent to, a vigil was set for 5:00 p.m.
HYDERABAD -- Hyderabad police marked the 'martyr's day' by holding candle light vigil in two separate events here on Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- The Journalists hailing from Seraiki and Bahawalpur Region will arrange a candle light vigil at National Press Club Islamabad on Friday in the memory of those lost their precious lives in Ahmad Pur Shariqa Oil tanker incident.
The crowds erupted into applause as the vigil began.
Hundreds gathered around Grey's Monument for a vigil which ended with a minute's silence and a 'universal prayer for peace'.
Shaul Cohen, a professor of geography at the University of Oregon, visited the vigil with some of his students.
MONCTON This year's Sisters in Spirit vigil was extremely personal for organizers and participants at the small New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) campus in Moncton.
RELATIVES of Mark Duggan proclaimed "we are not a gangster family" as they held a peaceful vigil outside Tottenham police station yesterday.