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A state of wakefulness or sleeplessness.
[L. vigilia, wakefulness, alertness, fr. vigeo, to be active, to rouse]


(vij'il) [L., awake]
Insomnia, wakefulness.

coma vigil

A delirious, drowsy state in which the patient is partially conscious and occasionally responsive to stimuli.
See: vigilambulism
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However, he added, the district administration had not given permission to the organisation to hold the vigil.
Another vigil was organized at Latifabad Unit 7 by A-Section police station.
The same vigil and dua ceremonies will also be arranged in Karachi, Lahore, Ahmad Pur Shariqa and other major cities of the country simultaneously.
One of the organisers of the vigil was Labour councillor Dipu Ahad.
The Vigils are impressed by Joe's endeavours, enough to be ready to recognise him as a Vigil.
This integration allows Vigil and QRadar users to operate a closed-loop cycle for identifying, tracking, and investigating alerts that have potential to become security breaches.
Commemorative vigils will also be held in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Wirral South MP Alison McGovern said party members in the vigil were "devastated, just absolutely distraught" at the shocking death of their party colleague.
The vigil, which began at 6pm, was the second to be held at the Senedd this week after another was held to remember the victims of the Orlando shootings.
First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones will lead the Wales National Vigil at Llandaff Cathedral on June 30.
VIGIL should get punters off to a flying start on Paddy Power-sponsored Trials Day day in Naas tomorrow.