video fluoroscopy

vid·e·o fluor·os·co·py

fluoroscopy using an image intensifier and television camera for image detection and a video monitor for display.
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They used video fluoroscopy to evaluate swallowing.
Presently the gold standard for assessment of velopharyngeal incompetence is "direct visualization" procedures like multi-view video fluoroscopy and nasopahryngoscopy.
In 1969 two new procedures for direct visualization of the velopharyngeal valve were introduced; the multi-view video fluoroscopy (Skolnick) (7,8,9) and nasopharyngoscopy by (Pigott).
Speech language therapy for vent residents has been extensive, including, multiple bedside and in-house video fluoroscopy swallowing evaluations (and preparation of related individualized diet consistencies), assistive devices ranging from low-tech communication boards to sophisticated laptop computer devices, and an array of tracheostomy "speaking" valves.
These measurements normally take place with concurrent video fluoroscopy, and the workstation allows precise time alignment between the physiological measurements and video data.