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Extremely low frequency electromagnetic emissions from video display terminals and other devices.
Initially research was focused on the ocular effects of radiation hazards, but subsequently came to include symptoms due to exposure of the eyes to video display terminals (VDT), known as the Video Display Terminal/Computer Vision Syndrome.
Janosik, E., and Grzesik, J., 2003, 'Influence of different lighting levels at workstations with video display terminals on operators' work efficiency', Medycyna Pracy, 54(2), 123-132.
Spontaneous abortion among women using video display terminals. Scandanavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, 16(5), 323-328.
As focal points for revising the guidelines, the report calls for more detailed categorization of work type and health checkups for all workers who use video display terminals. It also calls for specialists to check the health of workers if there are problems during health checkups.
Health and Safety Guidelines for Video Display Terminals in the Workplace.
You can retrofit video display terminals (VDTs) with more flexible tables so that monitor, keyboard and footrests increase worker comfort because each unit is adjustable for the individual.
Video display terminals and the risk of spontaneous abortion.
A long-standing source of concern is the long-term exposure of workers in close proximity to weak field sources, principally operators of video display terminals. Newer concerns address the exposure of individuals whose worksites are located at some distance from elements of the building power distribution system - which are strong field sources.
In contrast, he-says, human thought is embedded in a complex gestalt of experience which cannot be duplicated on video display terminals.
Other terms include the establishment of employer payments to a labor-management program to enhance the strength of the domestic apparel industry"; the expansion of parental leave to include time off to care for seriously ill family members; two 15-minute breaks per day for employees working on video display terminals; the establishment of 1 week's pay for employees on jury duty; guaranteed placement for employees upon their return from active military duty; retention of the 35hour workweek (management had proposed a 40-hour week); and establishment of a procedure for dealing with the effect of new technology on employees and for providing severance pay to workers displaced because of technological change or business reorganization.
In a study of 5,544 women, video display terminals (VDTs) caused no increased risk of miscarriage.