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vibrios (vib´rēōs´), bacteria belonging to the genus
Vibrio found in plaque after 1 to 2 weeks of no flossing or brushing.
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Elevated SST in brackish water provides ideal environmental growth conditions for Vibrio species (Johnson et al.
In general, treatment of hatchery larval tanks with probiotics significantly influenced the numbers of Vibrios present in water and tank surfaces compared with untreated controls, although variability in the duration and level of the impact was seen between trials and treatments (Fig.
During winter 2014 and into the early spring 2015, we became aware of an unusual number of reported Vibrio infections in northern Europe.
While biotypes 2 and 3 are found only in niche regions of Western Europe-East Asia and Israel, respectively, biotype 1 is found worldwide making it the most common Vibrio strain.
The filtration removed copepods--shrimplike animals the size of a grain of rice--which can carry an infective dose of bacteria called Vibrio cholerae.
Muchas de las especies de Vibrio han sido reportadas como la causa de serias perdidas economicas en la produccion del camaron de cultivo en diversos paises.
In the present study the isolates were vibrio cholera eltor, ogawa and NAG vibrio.
Several reports have mentioned the use of immunostimulants to control luminescent vibriosis in shrimp, resulting in increased prophenoloxidase and phenoloxidase activities and hemocyte counts, and significantly, increased survival after experimental infection with luminescent Vibrios (Marques et al.
Plasmid mediated antibiotic resistance of Vibrio cholerae O1 biotype El Tor serotype Ogawa associated with an outbreak in Kolkata, India.
Finally, it is intriguing that so many phages take advantage of the Xer recombination system of vibrios as compared to other bacterial species.