vibration tolerance

vi·bra·tion tol·er·ance

the maximum vibratory or oscillatory movements that an individual can experience and bear without pain; the limit of tolerance is a function of amplitude and frequency of the vibration and varies with the direction of application.
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Offered in 10- and 12-inch screen sizes, the units also include enhanced Wi-Fi roaming capabilities for real-time communication and uninterrupted data transmission, IP66-rated protection from water and dust ingress, and 5M3 certification for shock and vibration tolerance. Advantech,
This includes improved shock and vibration tolerance, weight reduction, higher heat resistance, and better dynamic bending.
AgileArray software supports error recovery controls, power management and vibration tolerance for reliable usage when used in multi-bay NAS devices.
The vibration tolerance is certified MIL-STD-810F Method 514.5 Procedure I, 2.5G, 5~500Hz/XYZ.
The NAS HDDs have been designed specifically for network storage applications, and are equipped with advanced vibration tolerance and management capabilities, offering enhanced reliability compared to standard desktop hard drives.
controls, specialised power management and vibration tolerance for optimum
It also can hang at altitudes of to 18,500 feet and has up to 3G of vibration tolerance. With 320GB(1) of storage, the drive's 4,200 rpm speed includes internal transfer rates of up to 976 Mbit/s using an average seek time of 12 milliseconds.
Equipped with factory burned-in emitter and receiver circuitry for toughness, dependability and vibration tolerance, the devices are immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash and strobe lights.
Other features: high-accuracy RTK engine with position updates up to 100Hz, integrated dual communication system with multiple radio and cellular combinations, removable SD/SDHC storage card, extended battery life, IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating, MIL-STD shock and vibration tolerance, QuickSNAP pole mounting system, Bluetooth[R] connectivity, environmentally sealed external ports, precision-tuned, micro-centered antenna with full wave tracking, and operation with rechargeable Li-Ion or alkaline batteries.
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