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, pl.


(vī'ă, vī'ē; vē'ă),
Any passage in the body, as the intestine, the vagina, etc.
[L. way, road]
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(vē′ă) (vī′ă) plural.viae [L.]
Any passage in the body such as nasal, intestinal, or vaginal.
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Q. hola amigos como estan yo estranando al amor de mi via que es monica la amo mchoy la estrano bastante hola soy un tipo muy feliz ya encontre el amor de mi vida nos casamos en diciembre tenemos muchos suenos ,un camino muy largo que recorrer pienso entregarme por completo al amor y dedicarnos el uno para el hotro ,yon amo ami baby estoy muy enamorado ella lo sabe es mi baby te amo mi gatita bebe

A. ¿Cuál es la pregunta?

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The VIA Nano processor family leverages advanced 65 nanometer process technology for enhanced power efficiency, and augments that with aggressive power and thermal management features within the compact 21mm x 21mm nanoBGA2 package for an idle power as low as 100mW (0.1W), extending the reach of power efficient green and silentPCs, thin and light notebooks and mini-notes around the world.
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12765 Tirupati - Amaravathi Express scheduled to depart Tirupati on 13th, 16th October, 2018 is diverted to run via Parbhani, Parli and Vikarabad stations.
2 October 2018 - Spanish residential property developer Via Celere has agreed to acquire the land bank assets of Spanish residential developer and asset manager Aelca, making Via Celere the largest residential developer in Spain, the company said.
The report prepared by MCC Preventive, Karachi and last updated on May 2015 reveals around 59 percent of tyre demands was reached via illegal channels and may have been met via smuggling.
A 47-year-old office worker in Seoul, surnamed Nam, had transferred 30,000 won to his friend last week via his smartphone to pay for a party that he later attended.
When the authors were investigating via temperatures, we were surprised to find vias were much more robust than we had thought.
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