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Jones's paintings repeat the trope of the tree-as-arch or the avenue-as-arcade endlessly: in "Vexilla Regis," for example, the tree on the left of the rood-tree describes just such a figure in its upper branches; while on the right there is the tree of imperial power; and on all sides are scattered the signs of the old order (ruins, riderless horses) and of the new creation which transforms them.
Signifier Atilla (aquila, vexilla and still a) and Legionary Thaddeus
A 1947 watercolor, Vexilla Regis, for example, is crowded with a checklist of Roman and Christian symbols and does not quite work to convey any living symbolic heritage.
(37) Grassaille: "Supra vexilla invictissimi Regis Franciae, nemo praesumat honorem: sua enim umbra, totum orbem regit ...
The triumph of the cross is celebrated in several liturgical hymns: "Vexilla Regis prodeunt" (Venantius Fortunatus); "Pange lingua gloriosi" (St.