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the remnant of a structure that functioned in a previous stage of species or individual development. adj., adj vestig´ial.
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(ves'tij), [TA]
A trace or a rudimentary structure; the degenerated remains of any structure which occurs as an entity in the embryo or fetus.
Synonym(s): vestigium [TA]
[L. vestigium]
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n. pl. vestig·ia (-ē-ə) Biology
A vestige.
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vestigium consisting of 33 males (mean snout-vent length, SVL = 96.5 mm [+ or -] 12.3 SD, range: 72-116 mm and 28 females (mean SVL = 80.4 mm [+ or -] 8.6 SD, range: 54-93 mm) from Imperial, Riverside and San Diego Counties, California and Baja California and Baja California Sur, Mexico.
vestigium were compared using an unpaired t-test (Instat vers.
vestigium significantly exceeded that of females (unpaired t test, t = 5.82, df = 59, P < 0.0001).
vestigium was typical of other lizards from western North America that undergo spermiogenesis beginning in spring and terminate in summer (see Goldberg 1974, 1975, 1977, 1983).
vestigium: (1) no yolk deposition (quiescent); (2) early yolk deposition with basophilic granules present; (3) enlarged preovulatory follicles; (4) oviductal eggs.
Nevertheless Bonaventure tells us that: "First Principle created this perceptible world as a means of self-revelation so that, like a mirror (speculum) or a footprint (vestigium), it might lead the human being to love and praise God the artisan."(30) In the light of this he challenges his readers to read creation as God's self-revelation:
Asume y desarrolla la distincion que hace Anselmo de Laon entre vestigium (seres inanimados y no racionales), imago creationis (racionalidad humana, reflejo de la divina), imago similitudinis (racionalidad humana, reflejo de la Trinidad: memoria, inteligencia, amor) e imago recreationis (el hombre en gracia) (15).
Vestigium es una copia muy imperfecta del original, pues solo representa parcialmente su modelo (73).
Tria ergo considerantur in ratione vestigii: scilicet similitudo, imperfectio similitudinis, et quod per vestigium in rem cujus est vestigium devenitur>> (In I Sent., d.