vestibular window

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a circumscribed opening in a plane surface; called also fenestra.
aortic window a radiolucent region below the aortic arch, formed by the bifurcation of the trachea, visible in the left anterior oblique radiograph of the heart and great vessels.
window of cochlea (cochlear window) round window.
oval window an oval opening in the inner wall of the middle ear, which is closed by the stapes; called also vestibular window and fenestra vestibuli.
round window a round opening in the middle ear covered by the secondary tympanic membrane; called also cochlear window and fenestra cochleae.
vestibular window (window of vestibule) oval window.
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o·val win·dow

a membrane-covered oval opening on the medial wall of the tympanic cavity leading into the vestibule, closed in life by the foot of the stapes.
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vestibular window

 Oval window, see there.
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