vestibular root

ves·tib·u·lar root

vestibular root of VIII nerve, a collective term for those sensory fibers of the eighth cranial nerve (vestibulocochlear) that originate from the vestibular labyrinth, have their cell bodies of origin in the vestibular ganglion, and function in the sphere of balance and equilibrium; centrally these fibers end primarily in the vestibular nuclei of the brainstem and in the cerebellum.
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Operational description: A comparison will be made on the amount of dentin wear occurring at the upper molars' mesial and distal (that is, concave and convex) walls when making rotary preparation of vestibular root canals with curvatures between 25 and 35[degrees].
Vestibular root canals of 1st and 2nd upper molars.
The vestibular root canals were selected from the upper molars.