Denoting an eruption of variously sized lesions containing fluid.
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Superficial vesicobullous lesions were noted in two infants and one adult.
Vesicobullous lesions occur in the context of a severe allergic contact dermatitis.
Kim, "Early congenital syphilis presenting with vesicobullous eruptions beyond palmoplantar regions," Acta Dermato Venereologica, vol.
INTRODUCTION: Blister Beetle Dermatitis is also known as Paederus Dermatitis, is a type of irritant contact dermatitis with history of sudden onset with erythematous vesicobullous lesions on exposed areas of body.
Other infrequent acute cutaneous manifestations include ulcers, petechiae, purpuric eruptions, necrotic papules, vesicobullous eruptions, vasculitis, and sclerodermoid reactions.
Intertriginal tinea pedis was seen in 74% of patients, vesicobullous in 19% and moccasin type in 7% of patients.
Erythema multiforme (EM) may appear as symmetric erythematous target or irislike papules and vesicobullous eruptions that present on the extremities and palmoplantar surfaces within days of starting drug therapy (Photo 1, page 104).
LAS VEGAS -- If a newborn presents with desquamation, vesicobullous lesions, and/or condylomata lata, think congenital syphilis until proved otherwise, Dr.
In 1957, Brunsting and Perry described a type of cicatricial pemphigoid that was characterized by recurrent, circumscribed, chronically progressing vesicobullous eruptions of the head and neck that caused atrophic scarring.
Immunocompromised patients typically present with vesicobullous and ulcerative lesions, purulent discharge, and crusting.
A total of 29 cases clinically diagnosed as autoimmune vesicobullous disease patients attending the outpatient department or admitted in ward constituted the subject material for the present study.