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1. perpendicular to the plane of the horizon.
2. relating to the vertex.
3. spreading from one generation to another; see vertical transmission.
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(ver'ti-kăl), [TA]
1. Relating to the vertex, or crown of the head.
2. Perpendicular.
3. Denoting any plane or line that passes longitudinally through the body in the anatomic position.
Synonym(s): verticalis [TA]
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verticalis populations also differed significantly in final-instar size (MANOVA [F.sub.14, 140] = 3.41, P [less than] 0.0001; Table 3), but populations in fish vs.
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verticalis, Wilson [9] showed this species without corresponding basal secondary segmentation on the proximal labial palp.
Por otro lado, de las 11 especies que presentaron el mayor numero de individuos (n>10; Cuadro 1) se encuentra que Chaetodus asuai (Hybosoridae) fue la mas importante, seguida de Cyclocephala verticalis (Dynastidae), ambas presentes en todos los niveles de perturbacion.
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