perpendicular plate

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per·pen·dic·u·lar plate

flat portion of a bone that lies within or closely approximates a vertical plane. See: perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone, perpendicular plate of palatine bone.
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Of 21 individual bats, 19 collided with the vertical plate at least once (on average 23 percent of passes) but never with the horizontal plate.
This physical situation is typically similar to the classical problem of Laminar Natural Convection flow and heat transfer about an Isothermal Vertical Plate (LNCIVP) treated by Ostrach using the semi-analytical method of similarity [8].
Equipment on order includes six crushers, eight semi-autogenous grinding mills and eight ball mills, eight stirred mills, four vertical plate pressure filters and 16 vibrating screens, plus installation, startup, commissioning and technical services.
The casting transitions from the round brace down to a relatively thin vertical plate, providing an organically shaped transition between the two geometries.
Breakup of the isothermal, distilled water falling film on a vertical plate in three regimes (wetting of the dry plate, rewetting and break-up of the continuous falling film) is examined in [6] and [7].
The study of slip condition on convective boundary layer flow beside a vertical plate embedded in a porous medium has accepted considerable practical and theoretical awareness.
Hsu and Cheng [2] reported mixed convection flow in porous medium about a vertical plate.
2 m sq, using a vertical plate holder and X-Y stage, with three lasers (red, green and blue) as the light source, although it is mainly used for 30 x 40 cm plates.
The drone is unusual in many respects, having an elongated S-shaped fuselage clinging onto a pair of so-called boxed-wings whereby the top and bottom wingtips are held together by a vertical plate.