perpendicular plate

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per·pen·dic·u·lar plate

flat portion of a bone that lies within or closely approximates a vertical plane. See: perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone, perpendicular plate of palatine bone.
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(1) A vertical plate is applied to the trunk lid and c-pillar to prevent the development of the vortex.
"They numbed the side of the mouth, created an incision and used what looks like a shoehorn to pull the cheek back, scrape away to the bone, put in a vertical plate and then drill it in.
Finally, a vertical plate was welded around the connection region to strengthen the stability of the composite joint.
Of 21 individual bats, 19 collided with the vertical plate at least once (on average 23 percent of passes) but never with the horizontal plate.
This physical situation is typically similar to the classical problem of Laminar Natural Convection flow and heat transfer about an Isothermal Vertical Plate (LNCIVP) treated by Ostrach using the semi-analytical method of similarity [8].
The study of free convection MHD flow of a micropolar fluid over an oscillating infinite vertical plate saturated porous medium has important applications in geophysics and engineering and technology.
Gupta [1] first studied transient free convection of an electrically conducting fluid from a vertical plate in the presence of magnetic field.
Breakup of the isothermal, distilled water falling film on a vertical plate in three regimes (wetting of the dry plate, rewetting and break-up of the continuous falling film) is examined in [6] and [7].
In addition, the maximum stress at the arc on the vertical plate stress contains one or two stress, connected with the side plate, bearing bottom most regions are in the elastic state of stress is low, the overall bearing deformation is small, it should be high arc vertical board to support and protect the good effect on the whole, the support is safe.
"The casting transitions from the round brace down to a relatively thin vertical plate, providing an organically shaped transition between the two geometries."