vertical parallax

ver·ti·cal par·al·lax

the relative vertical displacement of the image when each eye is closed in turn; seen in vertical diplopia, or heterophoria.
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The colours generated are stable over a wide viewing angle in both horizontal and vertical parallax.
gov state portal website features a modern design and innovative features including texting service Gov2Go, Smart Search, vertical parallax scrolling and a mobile-optimized "responsive" design that ensures citizens can access the site on any device.
8226; Geometry Corrector—Automatically corrects vertical parallax and tilt of your S3D footage
Whereas an occlusal film together with a panoramic view are routinely used for vertical parallax.
The quality of the obtained results is estimated by vertical parallax residuals in the measured points and root mean square (RMS) geometric models.
What errors of vertical parallax residuals and RMS will be used for measuring manual or stereo modes in overlapping images?
The correlation coefficients (q) and vertical parallax residual (E) of the measured points have been calculated following the measurement.
The results of vertical parallax residuals are shown in Table 2.
But as only a thin horizontal strip of the first hologram is captured, the image has horizontal parallax but no vertical parallax.
The logo appears with both horizontal and vertical parallax, as opposed to rainbow holograms or stereograms where the parallax is constrained to one axis.
True, we needed to lose vertical parallax and replace it with a rainbow (pace Steve Benton) but for most purposes, the sacrifice was worth it.
It is produced using a multiple laser system to achieve a full-colour 3D hologram which retains the colours with horizontal and vertical parallax.