vertical index

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ver·ti·cal in·dex

the relation of the height to the length of the skull: (height × 100)/length.
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Length measurement system tests: Vertical index offset results in a constant vertical angle error in every measured point.
However, the component along M is indistinguishable from the vertical index offset and is therefore not considered.
The bottom half of AIAP online's main vertical index provides a small but practical collection of links to other websites, including the IRS, GAO, FASB, and IASB.
The main vertical index lists Eisner & Lubin's six service concentrations: comprehensive tax planning, estate planning, information technology, financial management, litigation support, and accounting and auditing services.
The "partners" link on the main vertical index connects to a webpage with links to all of the partners' names.
Navigation could be improved by adding the same vertical index that the product pages have to the home page.
The main pages also present a left-hand vertical index with buttons for resource center, office locations, careers, online brochures, and affiliate websites.
The homepage for the tax center is organized in a headline news format; the vertical indexes on the left and right sides of the page make the busy text easier to process.

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