superior aspect

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superior aspect

the surface of the cranium viewed from above.
Synonym(s): norma superior [TA], norma verticalis ☆ , vertical aspect
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su·pe·ri·or as·pect

(sŭ-pērē-ōr aspekt)
Cranial surface viewed from above.
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A zoom lens will help reveal alternative compositions, as will turning the camera on its side for a vertical aspect. The predominantly green and blue colour palette of land and sky means tonal variations are slight.
It set itself apart when it ( launched in June by presenting videos in a vertical aspect ratio, specifically for mobile viewing.
This vertical aspect of solidarity is a mature and well-articulated concept that distinguishes many constitutional arrangements in decentralized states, and that has been extensively studied by federalism scholarship; rather, it is the horizontal counterpart (e.g.
Previous studies (Bond et al., 2004; Leung et al., 2007; Ghosh, 2009) also reported positive correlation of reward for application with conservation and self-transcendence values, achievement and conformity values and horizontal and vertical aspect of individualistic-collectivistic values.
Section 4 designs a kind of lightweight RFID authentication protocol based on Hash function from the vertical aspect. Section 5 sets up experimentation environment and the network latency is tested, along with related work.
The upcoming short-film version--dubbed by Moonbot as "the tallest short film in the world"--will retain the iPad's vertical aspect ratio and also will be followed by a book version.
Such structures can be used to accent doorways, gates, seating areas and to give a vertical aspect to the garden.
Those are important, but on close-range shots from stands, two more aspects come into play: vertical aspect, and the dynamic nature of aspect.
Holding hands emphasizes a horizontal aspect of prayer, which focuses on the community, rather than the vertical aspect, which focuses on Our Father.
Pembroke-based architect, Gordon Davies, together with planning officers at Pembrokeshire National Parks, has come up with a variety of pastel shades that add heaps of charm to the development and emphasise the vertical aspect of the houses
The technique is characterized by a strong hip turnout, maintained throughout the dance, and a clear vertical aspect to the upper body.
A bouncing water jet will attract attention and provide an ultimate vertical aspect to a water scene.

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