vertebral venous system

ver·te·bral ve·nous sys·tem

any of four interconnected venous networks surrounding the vertebral column; anterior external vertebral venous plexus [TA] (plexus vertebralis externus anterior [TA]), the small system around the vertebral bodies; posterior external vertebral venous plexus [TA] (plexus vertebralis internus anterior [TA]), the extensive system around the vertebral processes; anterior internal vertebral venous plexus [TA] (plexus vertebralis internus posterior [TA]), the system running the length of the vertebral canal anterior to the dura; posterior internal vertebral venous plexus, the system running the length of the vertebral canal posterior to the dura; the latter two constitute the epidural venous plexus.
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Oscar V., U.S. otolaryngologist, 1894-1979.
Batson plexus - any of four interconnected venous networks surrounding the vertebral column. Synonym(s): vertebral venous system
Carmody-Batson operation - see under Carmody
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Possible hypothesis of dissemination of intracranial meningioma to extracranial organs, including the liver, is through the vertebral venous system that connects the veins of the skull, spinal canal, and vertebral column to the thoracoabdominal wall [1, 11] or metastatic dissemination through the jugular veins which transmits tumor cells to the cervical organs, lungs, liver, and other organs [12, 13].
Intervertebral veins directly connecting the vertebral venous system to the azygos venous system rather than the proximal end of the posterior intercostal veins.
The veins are avalvular and communicate via the basivertebral veins with the internal vertebral venous system. (Fig.
There are three possible mechanisms namely direct spread, local spread and distant spread.7 Skin metastasis thought to involve hematogenous spread where pulmonary circulation and filtration can be theoretically bypassed via the azygous venous and vertebral venous system via Batson's plexus, allowing skin implantation.
The mechanism by which lung cancer metastasises to distal peripheries is thought to be via extension through the valves of the vertebral venous system, to lumbar spinal and iliofemoral veins in which incompetent valves allow distal passage of emboli, aided by gravity (3).
(6) Another theory is that adult flukes or eggs reach ectopic sites via the vertebral venous system, especially when intra-abdominal pressure is raised by coughing or straining.
The vertebral venous system is another site of cement leakage and embolization.
Anatomical and pathological considerations in percutaneous vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty: A reappraisal of the vertebral venous system. Spine.
Topographic anatomy of the vertebral venous system in the thoracic inlet.