vertebral region

ver·te·bral re·gion

the central region of the back, corresponding to the underlying vertebral column.
Synonym(s): regio vertebralis [TA]
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The second stage is the vertebral region segmentation.
Aiming at the low contrast and high noise of CT image, it is necessary to employ a contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE) method [24] to enhance the vertebral region before segmenting.
Dermatology consultation for skin lesion confirmed the diagnosis of NR As a treatment, 900 mg/day gabapentin was initiated and increased gradually Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) (10 mA, 50 Hz, 50 [micro]sn for 20 min) was applied, and isometric, joint range of motion, and strengthening exercises were intermittently given to the cervical and dorsal vertebral region for 10 days.
Results of the follow-up contrast-enhanced CT showed that the areas of destruction in the vertebral region had increased, with further narrowing of the spinal canal.
It was diagnosed by swelling at lumbar vertebral region (Fig.
Other pioneer surgeons attempted to shunt the CSF by means of a length of silver wire or a fine catheter passed from a cerebral ventricle into the lumbar vertebral region.
It can be observed in case of compression of nerves even due to any unapparent injuries to lumbosaccral vertebral region. It should be differentially diagnosed by clinical findings and neurological evaluations to rule the other orthopedics and neuromuscular abnormalities like stifle arthropathy, acute onset of joint sprain or muscle strain, neoplasia, patellar luxation, cranial or caudal cruciate ligament injury, primary meniscal injury, long digital extensor tendon avulsion, primary or secondary arthritides, and immune-mediated arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, pondylosis deformans, etc.
Bone scintigraphy with [.sup.99m]Tc-methylene diphosphonate revealed increased osteoblastic activity in the manubriosternal, bilateral sternocostoclavicular, and lower cervical vertebral regions (Figure 1a).
The distribution of affected vertebral regions and complications by types of SD are shown in Table-III.
Of the 317 individuals assessed, only 26 individuals did not include representation from all three vertebral regions assessed (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar).