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Variegated; marked by a variety of color.
[L. particolored, fr. verso, to turn, twist, + color, color]
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Variegated; marked by a variety of color.
[L. particolored, fr. verso, to turn, twist, + color, color]
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Of various colours.
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Pathogenesis of dermatophytosis and tinea versicolor. Clin Dermatol.
Conclusion: Combination of 2% ketoconazole solution wash plus topical 1% clotrimazole was found more effective in treatment of patients with Pityriasis versicolor as compared totopical 1% clotrimazole alone.
versicolor on MEA reaching 30-35 mm in diameter after incubating for ten days at 25[degrees]C.
In lizards Calotes versicolor is widely distributed in Pakistan, however, two subspecies Calotes versicolor versicolor and Calotes versicolor farooqi has been reported from Pakistan, with later restricted to northern areas i.e.
Versicolor, an opportunistic pathogen reported to have caused aspergilloses as well as onychomycosis, was also isolated from STPs but not in a very high volume.
Pityriasis alba consisted of maximum number of cases (32%) followed by Pityriasis versicolor (28%).
versicolor, mass loss reduction in the heartwood tamarack OSB was not consistent with temperature, while a downward trend was noted for the sapwood OSB (Fig.
Treatments Isolates Species Identify (%) First experiment Control F5 Fusarium solani 100 F1 Fusariumkeratoplasticum 99 Control F11 Meyerozymaguilliermondii 100 F10 Penicilliumcitrinum 99 Control F8 Preussiapolymorpha 98 F9 Meyerozymaguilliermondii 99 Fipronil F15 Meyerozymaguilliermondii 100 F13 Trichosporonchiarellii 96 Fipronil F16 Cyphomyrmexmuelleri 99 Second experiment Control F7A Aspergillus versicolor 99 F6A Aspergillus versicolor 99 Control F15A Aspergillus versicolor 99 F14A Aspergillus versicolor 96 Control F5A Fusarium keratoplasticum 100 F12A Fusarium keratoplasticum 100 Sulfluramid F1A Aspergillus versicolor 97 F13A Aspergillus parasiticus 99 Sulfluramid 38c Fusarium oxysporum 99 Treatments Isolates GenBank no.
If flat warts, red macules, and lesions resembling pityriasis versicolor are present, particularly in those parts of the body exposed to the sun in patients who present with nonmelanotic skin cancers, EV should definitely be considered as an initial diagnosis.
CCP can be distinguished from other pediatric hypopigmented dermatoses including postinflammatory hypopigmentation, vitiligo, nevus depigmentosus, tinea versicolor, and hypopigmented mycosis fungoides based on its features: its restricted distribution, size, and number of the lesions, as well as its asymptomatic nature.
Some of the most striking I have seen include Tulipa 'Ice Cream', Narcissus 'Replete' and Oxalis versicolor (pictured).