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Plural of verruca, see there.
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(ver-roo'ka) plural.verrucae [L., wart] Wart.

verruca acuminata

A pointed, reddish, moist wart about the genitals and the anus. It develops near mucocutaneous junctures, forming pointed, tufted, or pedunculated pinkish or purplish projections of varying lengths and consistency. Venereal warts should be treated with topically applied podophyllum resin.
Synonym: condyloma; genital wart; venereal wart

verruca digitata

A form of verruca seen on the face and scalp, possibly serving as a starting point of cutaneous horns. Several filiform projections with horny caps are formed, closely grouped on a comparatively narrow base that in turn may be separated from the skin surface by a slightly contracted neck.

verruca filiformis

A small threadlike growth on the neck and eyelids covered with smooth and apparently normal epidermis.

verruca gyri hippocampi

One of the small wartlike protuberances on the convex surface of the gyrus hippocampi.

verruca plana

A flat or slightly raised wart.

verruca plantaris

Plantar wart.
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verruca vulgaris

The common wart, usually found on the backs of the hands and fingers; however, it may occur on any area of the skin. See: illustration
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As shown in Table 2, the targeted fragment of human betaglobin gene was successfully amplified from all 35 DNA isolates obtained from fresh-frozen tissue specimens of condylomata acuminata and verrucae vulgares.
As in Phoenicoprocta capistrata [16], the first instar is only covered by chalazae bearing one long filiform seta and the intermediate instars are covered by verrucae. The last instar (6th) was morphologically recognizable from the previous ones for the presence of one pair of tufts in A1 and A7 The drastic color change in the prepupal period could be a result of accumulation of colored substances in setae, in case of C.
Following removal of the duct tape, you should soak and file the verrucae. A fresh strip should be applied the following day and this weekly process should be continued for up to three months.
On the other hand, effective verrucae care and advice is unlikely to appeal to OAPs, but will almost certainly grab the interest of parents and teens.
Warts on the feet are known as verrucae. Pressure makes them flatter than other warts but they grow into the skin more and can cause pain.
I know this sounds odd but the skin becomes soft under the masking tape and if the verrucae are small they'll either detach themselves or you'll find it very easy to gently ease them out.
In April 2013, Dr Ivan Bristow (5) and I published an open access, patient-centred, review of clinical practice where the needling method for verrucae treatment was discussed and reported on in private practice.
A Children are quite often resistant to having their feet interfered with and some of the more traditional treatments for verrucae involve daily applications of anti-wart solutions and dressings.
They are ll d d h i d usually round and have a raised surface, while verrucae are flat.
The results from the Kruskal-Wallis test demonstrate that there was no evidence of an association between treatment preference and age (p=0.76), number of verrucae at baseline (p=0.5) and duration of the current verruca (p=0.43).
"This potential licence would be for a topical patch formulation for the treatment of all non-genital warts, including plantar warts or verrucae, and seb-orrhoeic keratoses in humans' a wart-like skin condition common in the elderly.
They are usually round and have a raised surface, while verrucae are flat.