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Pierre, French mathematician, 1580-1637. See: Vernier acuity.
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longicollis and the Margachitina margaritana biozones had been demonstrated already by Verniers et al.
5C) has been identified from the East Baltic drill cores and the Builth Wells sections in Wales, UK (Verniers 1999).
The Cingulochitina cingulata Biozone is a global interval biozone (Verniers et al.
This global chitinozoan interval biozone (Verniers et al.
This is a global total-range biozone (Verniers et al.
This is a regional interval biozone used instead of the Eisenackitina philipi global Biozone in Verniers et al.
If a mechanical instrument is being used, the operator must be able to read the angle scale, which usually includes a vernier scale.
Determining the Least Count A vernier scale is a mechanical means of expanding the last unit of measure on the main scale so that it is physically possible to include an additional level of precision.
Least Count of Vernier Angle Scales The least count of an angle or vernier scale is the smallest unit of measure that can be measured.
The last step is determining the divisions on the vernier.
It is important to remember that the vernier scale may also be subdivided.