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Pierre, French mathematician, 1580-1637. See: Vernier acuity.
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The custom made device (depth micrometer) was adjusted such that, the main scale reading was at 0.5 mm and vernier scale reading was at 10.
The face of the target is divided into alternating red and white quadrants and will contain a vernier scale. It may also include a fine adjustment lever.
He records the reading on the vernier scale, attaches the microfocusing device, and switches the camera to manual-focus mode.
If a mechanical instrument is being used, the operator must be able to read the angle scale, which usually includes a vernier scale. All instruments measure angles, but different makes and models use different scales for reading the angles.
Other chapters include sight selection and use, so if you ever wanted a handy reference on reading a vernier scale on a tang sight, this book is small enough and complete enough to take with you to the range.
If one piece of shooting equipment gives newcomers to the BPCR shooting sports fits, it is the tang-mounted peep sight with a Vernier scale on its side, as was commonly found on single-shot and lever-action rifles during the last quarter of the 19th century.
This version has elevation adjustments in a vernier scale with minute of angle graduations.
It took considerable cranking on the elevation adjustment but the vernier scale on the sight made it easy to keep track of the changes, which were substantial.