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(ver-mil'yŏn), [C.I. 77766]
A red pigment made from cinnabar or red mercuric sulfide.
Synonym(s): vermillion
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Because Vermillion's brief did not comply with the rules, my order striking it stands.
The Vermillion River smallmouth had been hammering topwater baits for a couple of weeks according to my partner.
"There was vermillion on her head and 'I love you' written on her hands, legs, stomach and neck," police officer Santosh Kumar said.
Previously, LaFrance has worked as interim CEO at Vermillion (April 2014 to December 2014), CEO of GE Healthcare's Omnyx (January 2012 to October 2013), CEO and president for LaFrance Consulting (August 2009 to December 2011) as well as head of International Commercial Operations at Ventana (2008).
Bourne and Vermillion address the critical matter of indirect cost recovery, also known as overhead.
To the trees wearing vermillion Bindi we mourn your loss, Serving us well for hundreds of years , legends ,the boss.
As well as Vermillion Red, the other body colours of the five 570S Design Editions are Onyx Black, Storm Grey, Ventura Orange, and Silica White.
Berth occupancy was 65% at the Port on Thursday where seven ships namely Maersk Hart Ford, CGM Berlioz, Ikan Siakap, Super Star, Norgas Conception, Ex Qulsite and Vermillion Energy are currently occupying berths to load/ offload containers, pet cock, soya been, chemical, LNG and furnace oil respectively.
Dennis Daugaard visited Vermillion High School, taking time to discuss the current CTE offerings at the school and also take a look at the new Builders Choice incubator that is set to be running within a month.
In 2007, detectives arrested David Lykke, who was in jail for an unrelated matter, on suspicion of killing the two pals, from Vermillion, South Dakota.
Mary Vermillion, WCC's public information officer, said the buildings design will feature an open floor plan with lots of room for individual and group study nooks.
"With the continued rapid growth in the trail camera market, we're excited to bring Zach Fleer aboard to help us maintain our industry leadership," said Jordan Vermillion, Bushnell product director.