vermilion border

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a bounding line, edge, or surface.
brush border a specialization of the free surface of a cell, consisting of minute cylindrical processes (microvilli) that greatly increase the surface area.
Brush border, characterized by closely packed microvilli. From Dorland's, 2000.
vermilion border the exposed red portion of the upper and lower lips.
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ver·mil·ion bor·der

the junction between the skin aspect of the lip and the vermilion zone. Compare: vermilion zone, vermilion transitional zone.
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ver·mil·ion bor·der

(vĕr-mil'yŏn bōr'dĕr)
The red margin of the upper and lower lips, which commences at the exterior edge of the intraoral labial mucosa ("moist line") and extends outward, terminating at the extraoral labial cutaneous junction; a thinly keratinized type of stratified squamous epithelium deeply penetrated by well-vascularized dermal papillae that show through the translucent epidermis to impart the typical red appearance of the lips.
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Vermilion border

The line between the lip and the skin.
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ver·mil·ion bor·der

(vĕr-mil'yŏn bōr'dĕr)
Junction between skin aspect of the lip and vermilion zone.
Compare: vermilion zone
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5 MINUTES: Ann began again from the opposite corner of the mouth and repeated the process, injecting three lines of gel along the vermilion border until she reached the centre of the mouth.
She had eroded lesions on the oral and vermilion border of lips covered with haemorrhagic crusts (Figure 3).
The measurements were: a) the distance between point A and subnasale b) the distance between prosthion and labrale superious c) the short- est distance between the upper incisor and the attachment points of the upper and lower lip d) the distance between infradentale and the vermilion border of the lower lip e) the distance between point B and the deepest point of the labiomental crease f) gnathion and soft tissue menton.
The accessory parotid gland is located approximately 6 mm anterior to the main parotid gland, between the skin and the masseter muscle along an imaginary line that extends from the tragus to a point midway between the ala of the nose and the vermilion border of the lip.