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(ver-mil'yŏn), [C.I. 77766]
A red pigment made from cinnabar or red mercuric sulfide.
Synonym(s): vermillion
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From the experiment of the ridge of vermilion wax, we can clearly see that if the bees were to build for themselves a thin wall of wax, they could make their cells of the proper shape, by standing at the proper distance from each other, by excavating at the same rate, and by endeavouring to make equal spherical hollows, but never allowing the spheres to break into each other.
I was able practically to show this fact, by covering the edges of the hexagonal walls of a single cell, or the extreme margin of the circumferential rim of a growing comb, with an extremely thin layer of melted vermilion wax; and I invariably found that the colour was most delicately diffused by the bees--as delicately as a painter could have done with his brush--by atoms of the coloured wax having been taken from the spot on which it had been placed, and worked into the growing edges of the cells all round.
Hortense, with her rich chesnut locks so luxuriantly knotted, plaited, twisted, as if she did not know how to dispose of all their abundance, with her vermilion lips, damask cheek, and roguish laughing eye.
Notwithstanding all the sly hints and remonstrances of the French officers, she immediately approached the man, and pulling further open the bosom of his duck frock, and rolling up the leg of his wide trousers, she gazed with admiration at the bright blue and vermilion pricking thus disclosed to view.
Pale-golden and vermilion orchids flaunted their unhealthy blossoms in the golden, dripping sunshine that filtered through the matted roof.
Jacky rejoined Howards End and Ducie Street, and the vermilion motor-car, and the Argentine Hard Dollars, and all the things and people for whom he had never had much use and had less now.
The orthodontic retraction of anterior teeth following four premolar extractions has been shown to significantly decrease the vermilion height and lip area in bimaxillary protrusive patients (5).
The best action this month comes from chasing Spanish and king mackerel around the passes, pompano and whiting on the beaches, or amberjack and vermilion snapper offshore.
Nicole Bogart, a Democrat, worked as the Financial Resources Director of Vermilion County, Illinois, but her tenure ended when Michael Marron, a Republican, assumed control of the County Board and fired her.
Chicago-based Vermilion Development has already received city approval for the Arts & Architecture Project, named for the historic building at 3338 University Ave.
Vermilion Energy is pleased to announce the completion of the sale of Shell Overseas Holdings Limited's 45% interest in the Corrib Natural Gas Project in Ireland to Nephin Energy Holdings Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and the transfer of operatorship to Vermilion.