vermiform appendix

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 [ah-pen´diks] (pl. appen´dices, appendixes) (L.)
1. a slender outgrowth or appendage.
2. a small appendage near the juncture of the small intestine and the large intestine (ileocecal valve). An apparently useless structure, it can be the source of a serious illness, appendicitis. Called also vermiform appendix. adj., adj appendic´eal.
vermiform appendix appendix (def. 2).


, gen.


, pl.




(ă-pen'diks, -di-sis, -di-sēs, -dik-sĕz),
1. An appendage or appendixlike structure.
2. A wormlike intestinal diverticulum extending from the blind end of the cecum; it varies in length and ends in a blind extremity. Synonym(s): appendix vermiformis [TA], appendix ceci, processus vermiformis, vermiform appendage, vermiform appendix, vermiform process, vermix
[L. appendage, fr. ap-pendo, to hang something on]

vermiform appendix

A narrow, tubelike sac in some mammals, including humans, that projects from the cecum of the large intestine. Also called vermiform process.

ver·mi·form ap·pen·dix

(vĕr'mi-fōrm ă-pen'diks)
A wormlike intestinal diverticulum extending from the blind end of the cecum; it varies in length and ends in a blind extremity.
Synonym(s): appendix vermiformis [TA] .

vermiform appendix


vermiform appendix


Patient discussion about vermiform appendix

Q. What Causes Acute Appendicitis? I've heard that appendicitis is a very common situation. What causes it to happen? Is there a way to avoid it?

A. Appendicitis is caused by an infection of the appendix, usually from bacterias that are already located in the abdomen. It is not a situation that can be avoided and can occur in a high prevalence in the population.

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Therefore, there is a need to include a new term in anatomical terminology, "umbilical spinous line", which would serve as a morphological referent for location on the given line, a specific point of auscultation of the vermiform appendix known from years ago by the eponym of McBurney's point.
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It explains the poor design of humans (such as 'muscles that can no longer move ears, useless body-hair, a vermiform appendix that serves no purpose, the remnants of a tail, and so on' (121) and other animals, as well as the presence of evil in the world, neither of which is easily compatible with a benevolent creator God.
In the eyes of many Americans, the Electoral College is like the vermiform appendix: a useless organ that can cause trouble on occasion.
Vladimir and Estragon's theological discourse on the fate of the thieves hung with Christ is a vermiform appendix of Beckett's Catholic upbringing; it is an alien presence in the Godot world, otherwise so carefully flensed of historic particularities.
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