verbatim transcription

ver·ba·tim trans·crip·tion

(vĕr-bā'tim trans-krip'shŭn)
Rarely used process in which a medical transcriptionist transcribes exactly what is dictated (i.e., transcribes word for word).
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I don't want to have to wade through 60 pages of verbatim transcription because that's not going to be any more helpful than watching a two-hour video," he said.
Tenders are invited for Provision of legal verbatim transcription services.
With Translation Cloud's services, clients can also choose between traditional and verbatim transcription (which includes all spoken content including filler words, backtracks, speech errors, etc.
Informed consent procedures were followed and 17 participants completed semi-structured interviews; the interaction was audio recorded, transcribed and verified to ensure verbatim transcription.
In an early, unexpurgated Cyrillic edition of Flavius Josephus', "Capture of Jerusalem", which had not been "amended" by the Holy Fathers of the West, we find a verbatim transcription of an arrest warrant for Jeshua bar Yusuf as issued by Pontius Pilatus.
The investigator continuously read, recorded, transcribed, and analyzed the verbatim transcription and listened to the audio recorded information until the extracted important information and patterns were recognized.
Qualitative analysis will include verbatim transcription of the semi-structured interviews, followed by line-by-line data coding.
And I've often had my presentations blogged, including a verbatim transcription of my slides.
After one research assistant completed a verbatim transcription of the audiotaped interview, a second researcher checked it for accuracy.
the innovative developer of computerized speech recognition services, has announced that its CyberTranscriber Internet-based verbatim transcription service is now integrated with Planetary Motion's CoolMail e-mail-by-phone service.
This is accompanied by a transcription that uses bold-face type for the verbatim transcription and light-face type for further clarification.