veratric acid

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ve·rat·ric ac·id

(vĕ-rat'rik as'id),
Agent obtained by methylation and subsequent oxidation of protocatechuic acid; present in the seeds of Schoenocaulon officinale (Sabadilla officinarum).
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Phenolic compound/flavonoid Amount (%) 1 Caffeic acid [1] 3.305 2 Resorcinol [2] 0.008 3 Vanillic acid [6] 0.063 4 p-Coumaric acid [7] 0.034 5 Ferulic acid [9] 0.054 6 Vanillin [10] 0.181 7 Veratric acid [11] 0.015 8 Myristicin [4] 0.013 9 Coumarin [5] 0.004 10 Cinnamic acid 0.042 Table 2: Validation of the liquid chromatographic method.
Veratric acid is a lignin-related aromatic compound and a complex organic polymer derived from plants and algae [39].
Using the AuNPs/GQDs/Si[O.sub.2] composite as a heterogeneous catalyst and hydrogen peroxide as the oxidant, veratryl alcohol could be oxidized to veratraldehyde and veratric acid in a step-wise manner.
The standard solution of each compound (aldehyde benzoic acid, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, quercetin, pinobanksin, cinnamic acid, apigenin, veratric acid, and vanillin, among others) was prepared as pure compound (2-6 mg) in MeOH.