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 [ven-trik´u-lus] (L.)


, pl.


(ven-trik'yū-lŭs, -lī), [TA]
1. Synonym(s): stomach
2. Synonym(s): ventricle
3. The enlarged posterior portion of the mesenteron of the insect alimentary canal, in which digestion occurs.
[L. dim. of venter, belly]


/ven·tric·u·lus/ (ven-trik´u-lus) pl. ventri´culi   [L.]


n. pl. ventricu·li (-lī′)
A hollow digestive organ, especially the stomach of certain insects or the gizzard of a bird.


, pl. ventriculi (ven-trik'yū-lŭs, -lī) [TA]
1. Synonym(s): stomach.
2. [TA]
Synonym(s): ventricle.
[L. dim. of venter, belly]


pl. ventriculi [L.]
1. a ventricle.
2. the stomach.

Patient discussion about ventriculus

Q. Stomach ulcer or bad heartburn? hi. i am not sure if this is just heartburn or maybe i have an ulcer. for the last 7 months i have been getting really severe pains in my stomach (between my chest and my belly button). my upper back gets sharp pains and my stomach bloats out like I’m 8 months pregnant!!!. i have tried to take antacids for this but nothing works. i don’t know what else to do. it scares me sometimes because i have no idea what it is. My mom thinks it could be an ulcer. the pain lasts for a good 4 to 5 hours and i cant even sit down because the pain hurts so bad. can anyone tell me what this might be?????

A. After 7 months with an ulcer you’d be vomiting blood and may have blood in your feces. Anti acid would have helped. So what you say doesn’t sound anything like it. I think a good idea will be going the next morning to see a Dr. – looking for a diagnosis on the web is not a very good idea. And even if you know for certain that you have an ulcer- it is curable. Why wait 7 months?

Q. 10 weeks pregnant, stomach pain. My sister is 10 weeks pregnant and she is suffering from stomach pain from week 5 until now. I am Just wondering is it normal to have stomach pain when pregnant? and dose it go away after 12 weeks? This is her first pregnancy so please educate us.

A. wife also felt pain during those weeks (5th..? maybe 4th...? up to the 11th- not sure) but it was not constant and not very painful. she went to her gyno who checked her out and told her it's the uterus stretching but it's good that she comes to check it out cause who knows.. don't take a chance.

Q. Ive been having problems with my stomach bloating and it is very tender and sore what could it be?

A. It could be many things, depending on other symptoms you may have. Is the pain relieved by eating and appears again several hours later? If so, it might be related to peptic ulcer disease (see:

Is the pain relieved by defecation? Do you have also diarrhea or constipation? If so, these features may suggest IBS (

Anyway, stomach problems can also result from serious, albeit usually rare, conditions, so consulting a doctor may be wise in this situation.

Take care,

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Esophagus stout, claviform, with small ventriculus giving off a long, single or double appendix.
Esophagus with globular to ellipsoidal posterior ventriculus, from which may arise two anteriorly and three posteriorly directed appendices.
Esophagus without posterior ventriculus, small muscular esophageal bulb; intestinal cecum present .
Also, in 4 lovebirds, limited tissues were submitted (only proventriculus, with or without ventriculus, and liver), potentially resulting in a sampling bias.
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17) Postmortem findings of falcons with viscerotropic velogenic ND infection, and in which radiographs revealed a distended ventriculus and inflamed ventricular wall, revealed moderate to severe petechial hemorrhages mainly on the isthmus of the proventriculus and across the ventriculus.
17) Similarly, the occurrence of petechial hemorrhages in the proventriculus and ventriculus are common findings in poultry affected with ND, but this finding has been very seldom described in falcons.
A lateral whole-body radiographic projection taken to complement the ventrodorsal view revealed multiple foreign objects in the midcoelom, including 1 thin, linear metallic object and a cylindrical mineral density in the proventricular silhouette, multiple mineral densities presumed to be in the intestinal tract, and 1 large linear metallic object that appeared to be in the ventriculus (Fig 1).
The metallic object could be seen extending from the ventriculus cranially, ventrally, and orad from the barium (Fig 3) into the area of the hepatic silhouette.
2-12) Surgery of the ventriculus has been associated with a high incidence of postoperative complications as well.
Difficulties in surgical closure of the ventriculus are caused partially by the specific anatomic and functional peculiarities of the ventriculus in birds.
Neoplastic lymphoid cells were observed in the kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, ventriculus, and small intestine.