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A retrospective chart review of all patients who had EVDs placed from January 2010 through December 2015 at home institution was performed to assess for ventriculitis. Ventriculitis for this study was defined as bacterial organism identified from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on 2 of 2 cultures, or gram stain with temperature >38C, and CSF pleocytosis (>100WBC/uL), elevated protein (>50mg/dL), and decreased CSF glucose (<40% serum glucose).
A brain CT scan showed purulent fluid, edema with subsequent mass effect on the frontal horn of the lateral ventricles and a small suspicious communication with the left frontal horn and abscess collection in the left lateral ventricle with mild enhancement of the ventricular outlines suggestive of ventriculitis (Figure 3).
Endoscopic lavage for antibiotic unresponsive severe Acinetobacter baumanii ventriculitis: An unexplored treatment option.
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Caption: Figure 1: Ventricular hypersignal in cranial MRI (FLAIR), suggestive of ventriculitis.
(2) They did a prospective study of 78 patients with a ventriculostomy catheter in place to see whether the duration of catheter placement was a factor in the development of bacterial ventriculitis. Significantly higher infection rates were identified if the catheter remained in place for longer than 11 days or if the patient had intracranial surgery or received steroids.
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The lesions often lack inflammation that might hint at the infectious etiology of the small-vessel vasculopathy.[46] Some AIDS patients develop overwhelming ventriculitis that may be radiographically demonstrable (Figure 12, A), with innumerable Cowdry A viral inclusions in the ependymal cells lining the ventricles[47, 57] (Figure 12, B).