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1. pertaining to the abdomen or to any venter.
2. directed toward or situated on the belly surface; opposite of dorsal; see also anterior.


1. In human anatomy, denoting the front surface of the body; often used to indicate the position of one structure relative to another, that is, situated nearer the front part of the body. Synonym(s): ventral (2) [TA], ventralis [TA]
2. Near the head or rostral end of certain embryos.
3. In veterinary anatomy, limited to structures of the eye and ear. The word is otherwise ambiguous with respect to the anatomy of quadrupeds; cranial is preferred.
4. Before, in relation to time or space.


/ven·tra·lis/ (ven-tra´lis) [L.] ventral.


[L.] ventral.
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