ventral respiratory group

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ventral respiratory group (venˑ·trl resˈ·p·rh·tōrˑ·ē grōōpˑ),

n the group of neurons located in the medulla oblongata, which, although inactive during normal breathing, are activated by signals from the dorsal respiratory group during heavier breathing and in turn stimulate the muscles of forced exhalation


1. pertaining to the abdomen or to any venter.
2. directed toward or situated on the belly surface; opposite of dorsal.

ventral coccygeal myotomy
tail setting operation in horses. See also nicking (2).
ventral cord syndrome
localized injury to the ventral portion of the spinal cord, characterized by complete paralysis and hypalgesia and hypesthesia up to the level of the lesion, but with relative preservation of dorsal column sensations of touch, position and vibration.
ventral edema
obvious swelling along ventral belly wall, may reach from brisket to pelvic brim, pits on pressure, so does urine from a leaking urethra. Manifestation of general edema due to congestive heart failure, hypoproteinemia, or to late pregnancy with compression on venous return by uterus and fetus.
ventral funiculus
nervous tissue white matter lying between the ventral columns of gray matter in the spinal cord.
ventral respiratory group
that part of the respiratory center which is located in the ventral medulla oblongata.
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