ventral pancreas

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ven·tral pan·cre·as

that portion of the primordium of the pancreas that develops, together with the hepatic diverticulum, as a ventral pancreatic bud from the foregut endoderm.
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ventral pancreas

An outgrowth at the angle of the hepatic diverticulum and the embryonic gut that migrates and fuses with the dorsal pancreas. It forms the head of the definitive organ.
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While the dorsal and ventral pancreas buds are observed separately from the postcoital 30th to 33rd day in human beings, pancreatic buds as well as the duodenum to which they are connected show nuclear PDX1 and GATA4 positivity.
The tetraspanin tm4sf3 is localized to the ventral pancreas and regulate fusion of the dorsal and ventral pancreatic buds.
In most cases, these changes were found in the ventral pancreas but not in the dorsal pancreas.

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