ventral nuclei of thalamus

ven·tral nu·cle·i of thal·a·mus

a large, complex cell mass the external border of which forms the ventral and much of the lateral boundary, as well as the rostral border, of the thalamus; the nuclei making up this large area of the diencephalon are the ventral anterior nucleus [TA] (nucleus ventralis anterior [TA]), ventral lateral complex [TA] (nuclei ventrales laterales [TA]), ventral medial complex [TA] (nuclei ventrales medialis [TA]), ventral intermediate nucleus [TA] (nucleus ventralis intermedius [TA]), ventrobasal complex [TA] (nuclei ventrobasales [TA]), ventral posterior inferior nucleus [TA] (nucleus ventralis posterior internus [TA]), and ventral posterior parvocellular nucleus [TA] (nucleus ventroposterior parvocellularis [TA]). In general this area can be subdivided into the anterior, intermediate, and posterior parts.
Synonym(s): nuclei ventrales thalami [TA]
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