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The cameras will also follow seven-year-old Daniel Kerr who was born with a birthmark called a venous malformation on his neck.
We report a case of a venous malformation with multiple phleboliths that involved the left parotid gland and extended into the extraparotid tissue in a 43-year-old woman.
There were papers on paediatric anaesthesia, contrast nephorotoxity, generation Y nurses, venous malformation embolisation and volunteering in Papua New Guinea, to name just a few.
In 2006 he was struck down by a genetic brain condition called Arterio Venous Malformation, which left him unconscious for 11 days.
Mr Nishikawa, who is based at The Westbourne Centre in Edgbaston, re-diagnosed the problem as a venous malformation - a different type of birthmark which grows as the child grows.
The surgery was to treat an anterior venous malformation, which caused Luna to have a brain hemorrhage in 2002.
John's time in hospital was scary, but he pulled through thanks to surgeons who removed the AVM ( Arterio Venous Malformation ( and the care of nursing staff.
Ataxia in a Welsh cob filly due to a venous malformation in the thoracic spinal cord.
The popular lifeguard at Llanishen leisure centre was born with the condition Arterial Venous Malformation (AVM) but it was not diagnosed until he was 25.
Carrillo was born with the arterio venous malformation, which is tangled blood vessels.
These deformities don't have a fancy name; venous malformation is how doctors refer to the unsightly masses.
This new laser treatment allows us to treat a child's venous malformation and reduce their everyday pain with a less painful procedure," explained interventional radiologist and study author Patricia Burrows, M.