velvet ant

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vel·vet ant

a wingless mutilid wasp (family Mutilidae, order Hymenoptera) known for its venomous sting.
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We have compiled a county-wide checklist of known velvet ant distributions based on a literature survey, label data of museum specimens, and confirmed observations of velvet ants collected in Oklahoma.
Webpage addresses for the confirmed images of velvet ant species in are listed in Table 2.
Field observations of velvet ants are rare, especially for nocturnal forms.
On 4-5 September 2008, while collecting on a small sand dune 15 km ESE Saint George, Washington County, Utah, we observed an aggregation of nocturnal female velvet ants on Croton californicus var.
The only arthropods regularly observed actively moving over the ground surface between 1200 and 1500 hr were harvester ants (Formicidae: Pogonomyrmex spp.), velvet ants (Mutillidae: Dasymutilla spp.), and the desert millipede (Orthoporous ornatus).
Arizona alone boasts 40 species each of scorpions and velvet ants, and 250 butterflies; the Sonoran Desert has 40 species of termites.