velocity coefficient

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ve·loc·i·ty co·ef·fi·cient

the rate of transformation of a unit mass of substance in a chemical reaction.
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The hydraulic design of desulfurization dust removal centrifugal pump is carried out by the velocity coefficient method [9], in which rotational speed n = 1450r/min, flow rate Q = 50[m.sup.3]/h, and head H = 20 m.
in which the velocity coefficient [k.sub.3] = 0.46.
with [[DELTA].sub.[+ or -]] = [[DELTA].sub.1] [+ or -] [[DELTA].sub.2], [K.sub.[+ or -]] = [K.sub.1] [+ or -] i[K.sub.2], where [c.sub.1] is the group velocity coefficient, a is the parameter related to nonlinear effects, and [[DELTA].sub.[+ or -]], [K.sub.[+ or -]] are related to linear effects.
where, p is pressure, r is radial distance, [[mu].sub.g], [[mu].sub.w] is gas and water viscosity, respectively, k is absolute permeability, [k.sub.rg], [] is gas and water phase relative permeability respectively, [v.sub.g], [v.sub.w] is gas and water phase flow velocity, [[beta].sub.g] is turbulence velocity coefficient, [[rho].sub.g] is gas density.
Figure 9 shows the relation between water-cement ratio and carbonation velocity coefficient which derived from linear regression of Figure 8.
[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are relative, actual, and calculated value of the pressure growth ratio and the gas-dynamic function, and X is the velocity coefficient. The research results of the axial stage of the compressor with double-row bladed disks of running disks showed that within the optimisation of the characteristics of double-row bladed disks of running blades with minimum loss (under the relative row offset of (h/t) = 0.68--0.77 and the relative gap depth of (a/b) = 0.07--0.025 on average bladed disk diameter), the loss ratio in the running disks of the compressor stage in abnormal modes is 10-20% lower than in the stage with the single-row bladed disks that have the same pressure in the design mode.
Respecting the interaction between genotype and stress levels there was significant difference on the probability level of 1% for germination index, final germination percentage and germination rate index and there was significant difference on the probability level of 5% for germination velocity coefficient I and germination mean time I and there was no significant difference for germination velocity coefficient II and germination mean time II.
But in case we plan processing wider range of chemicals, or the mixture properties are changeable in time, it is necessary to perform on-line velocity coefficient identification to process safely different mixture types.
As the cone-down configuration of nozzle orifices has high velocity coefficient and long intact length [1], [2], [4], the cone-down configuration is used for nozzle orifices in this designed apparatus.
This thickness was related to spray cone angle and to the velocity coefficient. Knowledge of this coefficient and its changes caused by the atomizer dimensions, liquid properties and atomization condition is the basic condition that allows the design of pressure swirl atomizer.
To this end, the shape and velocity coefficients of lift and drag listed in Tables 6 and 7 may be useful, providing a sufficient diversity of examples that the hydrodynamic force imposed on a wave-swept organism can be estimated for many species for which actual measurements have not yet been made.