veins of medulla oblongata

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veins of me·dul·la ob·lon·ga·ta

the several veins that drain the medulla oblongata; they are tributaries primarily of the anterior spinal and the petrosal veins. The veins of the medulla oblongata are the anteromedian medullary vein [TA] (vena medullaris anteromediana [TA]), anterolateral medullary vein [TA] (vena medullaris anteromedialis [TA]), transverse medullary veins [TA] (venae medullares transversae [TA]), dorsal medullary veins [TA] (venae medullares dorsales [TA]), and posteromedian medullary vein [TA] (vena medullaris posteromediana [TA]).
Synonym(s): venae medullae oblongatae [TA]
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